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Oh CNN, how I’ve missed watching your reporters intrepidly face down hurricanes.  Thanks to your hard-hitting journalism, I can see that it’s hard to stand around outside in a hurricane.  

I particularly enjoyed a segment in which an indignant CNN reporter bombastically complained about a group of men hanging around outside in the storm, how dangerous it was and how they were putting themselves and rescue teams at risk.  And she said this entirely without hypocrisy, as if the guy in running by in the santa suit had no idea that he just enjoyed his 15 seconds of fame on national TV.  Moths to a flame, lady.  


Hi Mom …

I haven’t felt much like posting here.  Sure, plenty of interesting things are happening in my life right now.  But personal time, during which I muse about silly things then announce my conclusions to the internet, is at a premium.  I felt bored a few weeks ago and literally cherished this rare and wonderful emotion.

I miss posting to this blog.  Contrary to all reason, some of my old archived material is actually pretty good. It’s the time for contemplation that’s been lacking recently.  

But contemplation and reflection are important tasks, and integral towards understanding the wider world.  So I’ve decided to post written material twice a week.  This will force me to use my informal writing skills, which have atrophied of late.  And it will give me the opportunity to use my noggin for something besides explaining financial results.  

Sounds like a plan.  Tell your friends – nickmoles.com is waking up.




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